Mia is a very sweet senior girl, who turned 10 years old in October. She came to CGRR from an owner who was moving, and could not take her. Mia was an outside dog, who unlike some, was very well taken care of. She is a good weight, has no problems walking or even running a mile or two! She loves kids of all ages. She will chase a cat, but it looks more like a game…..not sure what she would do if she actually caught one! She is quiet and clean, keeps her “den” very tidy and she loves being brushed. Mia can sometimes be a little bossy with other dogs. She is good with them, until someone wants her toy or goes near her bed, then she lets them know she is prepared to defend her stuff. She does not walk well on a regular leash, but a gentle leader or halti works like magic. She has a bit of an independent personality, and will take off, if not on leash in an unsecure area. Mia loves playing ball and gets quite silly. We would love to find Mia a home where she can be an inside dog, who is considered part of the family. This girl has a few active years left, and will make someone a great friend/companion!