Meet Bella, a very sweet 2 year old English Cream girl. She was purchased as a puppy, to be used for breeding. The folks were new into the breeding business, and they believed in doing right by the breed. They had done a lot of research on trying to find the right dogs to breed. When they took Bella in for her 2 year exam, they were told she had hip displaysia.  They brought her to us, as they did not want to take a chance that if they sold her, someone else would breed her….so nice to know there are good, responsible people out there, interested in more than just making a quick buck.

We did Xrays of our own, with Dr. Boekhout, who is an orthopedic specialist at Blue Pearl. Bella does have moderate hip displaysia, with signs of arthritis in both hips.   She  has no clinical signs yet of her hip displaysia. It was recommended that Bella lose a couple of pounds, and then stay “super model skinny.” Keeping her lean will help delay the clinical signs for awhile. There may come a time when she may need surgery, but for now, she would benefit from joint supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, and perhaps adequan injections to  maintain joint health as long as possible.

Bella was kept in an area outside, so has not been exposed to much. She is timid of new things, and  seems to be more comfortable around women. She seems to have some anxieties, and unfortunately, we feel this led to her getting in trouble. Bella recently ingested 3 pretty large rocks, and needless to say, had to go in for surgery. She threw up one of the rocks, one was removed from the stomach, and one from the small intestine. The surgeon said the rocks were pretty impressive, and he was amazed that a dog her size was able to swallow them. We  have not seen Bella exhibit this  type of behavior, and more concerning,  is we have no idea where she got these rocks – they are not something that is in any of our  yards. Bella is recovering well from the surgery, and we know there is a home out there for her.

She seems more confident around other dogs, so we feel a home with another  dog would be good for her, plus she enjoys having a doggie friend around!  A home with neighborhood walks is fine, but we were told she is  not a candidate for long hikes. Bella needs work on lead….she is quite timid, and will dart suddenly.  She does have some food sensitivities, so being on a good grain free food is best.

Bella is a sweet, sensitive girl, who will make a great friend and companion for someone. If someone gets  her started on the right  supplements, and  keeps her weight down, it may be a long time before she shows any clinical signs.  The cost for Bella’s surgery was around $3200.00.  If you can find a little extra in your wallet, to help with her medical bill, we would be most grateful.  If you think Bella may be a good fit for you, please email us your application at