Wild “Wyatt”

This 18 month old hombre is a good fellow, willing to please………..he just needs some direction.

Young and spontaneous, Wyatt is always ready to go, whether it be out on a walk or a long hike….. he is your buddy.  He has had some training but would benefit from some one on one basic obedience skills, and some urban skills as well.  He is strong on leash and wants to go visiteveryone…..and will take the lead if you let him.  In the house, he is calm and wants to  be where you are.   He is a counter surfer and needs direction on how to act in the kitchen.   He is good with other dogs, but he is a dominate male, and if in a home with another dog, would do better with a female. Wyatt is a good size boy, and can get jumpy when excited.  He is good with everyone, but because he does not realize his size, may be a bit much  for toddlers.

Because he has adventure in his nature, he would benefit with someone that is active and can get him out to meet this needs.  Once his needs are met, he is the best dog ever!  So go out and explore the wild west with Wyatt.

If you think Wyatt may be the one for you, be sure to email us your application!