Danny Boy

Danny Boy is a very sweet 10 year old guy, who is about as cute as a they come!  He is very much a “toy boy”  and will try to see how many toys he can fit in his mouth! He is a bit “ball obsessed” and can be toy possessive with other dogs.  Danny came to CGRR with Sweetie, and unfortunately, they have been outside dogs most of their lives.  Danny has a good energy level, loves to play, enjoys getting out for walks.  He is housetrained, seems to know basic commands, and is quiet and obedient. We are hoping that once in a good home, with walks and other things to do, he may not be as obsessed with the toys.  Hard to imagine this sweet boy being stuck outside, as true to the nature of the Golden, he enjoys being with his people, and is good snuggle bug. We want this boy to know the joy of a real home, where he is inside, with his people and considered part of the family. Perhaps Danny Boy is the sweet senior you need to have in your home!