Leo came to CGRR from a shelter, where he had been picked up as stray, so we do not know his history.  Pretty sure he had been an  outside dog, as he was very matted and  dirty..  When we got him he didn’t know any basic training commands.  He can be very mouthy at times,  and he doesn’t always understand “personal space”  and will sometimes body slam anyone around him.  Leo has been here awhile, and after many months of ignoring this over exuberant behavior, his tendency to want to grab your arm has almost been extinguished. However his quick spinning on greeting you has not, and if you are in the way of his happy spins he will knock you over.  He is around 4 years old, very friendly and has a lot of energy.

We have spent a lot of time  training this big boy, and I am very pleased with his progress. He does very well with no distractions but when there is another dog he does not listen very well.  He is still quite a lot of dog on leash and tends to want to take you for a walk.
When he first came to CGRR, he was not  sure about being loved on. He now “loves” it if you sit with him and will settle right down to accept your attention.   I have had him with me while I am doing my chores, and  he likes to get on top of the grooming table,  lie there and watch me work,  very content to just stay in the shade. He is very photogenic……and quite the ham!
Playing with him is an adventure, he can be a bit bossy and  display a dominate roll.  Because he does not know how to “be”, he can be possessive with his human.  He has displayed a protection role and will take a guarding position of  his human.  He is food aggressive, and will let you know that his dinner is his!
Leo is beautiful – very regal and people are going to want him for his looks……but he is not a dog for everyone.. He  will be a great dog for someone who is very active, hiking, swimming, and long walks. Because of his size and dominate personality, we do not recommend Leo to be with small children.  He needs structure, exercise, rules and boundaries –  as well as someone that is dog savvy.   Because Leo is a work in progress, training sessions will be required, and we prefer Leo be adopted locally.    Steve will give  4 training sessions, at your home,  to whoever adopts Leo.   We do not want Leo to fail, he needs a forever home, it just needs to be the right one.