Riley is a special boy – he is one that has had a rough start, and is one of those dogs that we will have a hard time letting go.   He is a sweet 6 year old boy, badly abused the first 3 years of his life. Some kind folks were able to get him out of that situation, but because Riley was pretty much terrified of everything, they did not know how to work with him.  They kept him safe for a couple of years, but Riley literally did nothing but sit under a bush in the backyard in the daytime, then  was inside with  them at night – and they fed him – lots.
A friend of ours found out about Riley, and helped facilitate the process of them turning him over to CGRR.  When he first came in, he weighed 126 pounds! He is not a big build, so he  looked  like an armadillo and  could hardly walk. He was very untrusting of human, and would not move – unless another dog  was around. Riley LOVES other dogs, and  will follow their lead. He is terrified of the car, and will work himself up into a fever. He has not been exposed to much in this big world, so anything new is difficult for him.  He is afraid of many, many things and he lacks self confidence.
With Riley, it has been about “baby steps”…..and he has  come a long way. This boy who once walked the opposite way of  where you were, has learned that human hands are a good  thing.  He is more trusting when you are sitting down, and  will come up and  lean on you. We had a brownie troop visit the dogs, and wondered how Riley would do with several people around.  This boy surprised us………he trotted right out, went up  to everyone, and had a good old time! Riley loves doggie company, and  he needs to be in a home with  another  dog – or two, so he can continue to learn how to be a dog. He is learning that the leash can be a good  thing and walks can be fun!
Riley is going to be a bit of a challenge, and he needs someone with time and patience, to help him become more confident. He has lost around 40 pounds, and is looking good!   We had a foster home for him, but it did not work, as there was one thing we had not anticipated.  If something is going on, and Riley  is fearful, he will not go potty….and then he ends up having an accident inside.  The gal that wanted to foster him, did not  have a spot she could keep him, if he had an accident.  It’s all about training, and in  some ways, Riley needs to be treated like you would a puppy.  He is the sweetest boy, and it is nice to see him let loose at times, and play with the other pooches! Riley will not be better in a month, or two……..his emotional scars are deep, and it will take time. It has been wonderful to see some of the small ways he has changed here – we can only imagine what it will be like for someone else to watch him continue his journey to becoming a  happy, well adjusted pooch.   We would love to find a local foster home for Riley, so we can work with you on some training, and help him settle in. It will take time, but the reward will be worth it.  If you think you may be interested, or would like more information, please contact Deb at