Hi, I’m Winston! I am ten years old. I  love to go for walks and I am good on leash, but I can be stubborn if I find something good to sniff.  One of my favorite things is water, and if given the opportunity, will go for a swim.  I also love to carry things in my mouth when I walk – like large round  rocks!  I guess they are bad for my teeth, as my teeth are pretty worn down, so if you can make sure I have a hard rubber ball – or a few of them, as I tend to lose  them – that  would be great!   I do have a couple of bad habits……like digging holes and eating poop. Perhaps if I am somewhere where I get to go out for walks daily, and eat healthy food, I will not want to do these things.  I sometimes get aggressive with my food.  All in all, I am a pretty easy going guy, who needs some love and a good routine. I am happy doing whatever you are doing, as long as we are together!  Oh, and I have had some problems with allergies – they tell me, and will need  to be on a good grain free food. I am excited to meet my new family!