This beautiful, spirited girl is 7 years old, who has the energy of a 3 year old pooch! Timber is in great shape, and is used to being active – she used to run daily. She is smart, obedient, great with kids, and has good house manners. She is good with other dogs, but can be toy possessive. Timber LOVES her toys, and will chase a ball for as long as you want to throw it! She has a zest for life, and it’s like she is going to live every day to the fullest! She has an independent side, but is sweet and affectionate also. When you are out with her, she will do her best to engage “you” to play – alot! If she could talk, she may say “hey, outside is for playing – not sitting around!”

Timber was in a foster home for awhile, with friends of CGRR who are active – lots of walks and hikes. First day in her foster home, she went for a 5 mile hike, and loved it! Her foster parents really wanted to make her part of their pack, but unfortunately the personalities of Timber and their other Golden girl did not mesh. Timber can be a bit dominant, and just was not the right doggie friend for Hope. If in a home with another dog, we feel Timber may do better with a male, who does not care if she is the “alpha.” She has done fine meeting other dogs, but really does not interact much with them…..and does not know how to share toys. Timber will be an amazing companion for someone looking for an active adult Golden. She needs to get out for walks every day, and would love to go on lots of hikes. She will be happier, and so will you, if she is kept active. If you are looking for a “couch potato” dog, this girl is not for you. But, if you are looking for a dog to be your walking or running buddy, this girl may be for you!