Buddy – Update 6/7

6/7/17 – UPDATE: Buddy has been in a foster home for over a week, and what a great dog he is! We got an update on how he is doing from his foster Dad…

Buddy is great on leash – no tugging, or battle of wills about where we are going. He is not a counter surfer, but if you have food in your hand and holding it low, he may sneak up behind you and try to take it. He is a good eater, and keeps himself well hydrated. So far, Buddy does not use a dog bed. He has chosen the floor right next to my side of the bed. He greets and behaves well around other dogs we meet on walks. He has been great with all people as well. When left alone at home – no issues to report. He is a wonderful dog.


Meet Buddy, a sweet 12 year old Golden boy, found in a car that was impounded. Buddy is a typical senior Golden, who wants to be near you. He is hard of hearing, and seems to have a little weakness in his hind end at times, but he is a happy guy. He loves to play, and has quite enjoyed the different toys he is finding in the rescue yard. We would love to find a foster home, so this boy can feel safe and loved. We are still learning about him, and will update when we know more. CGRR will pay for food and any medical, we just need a place where Buddy can hang his hat.