Indie UPDATE: 1/6/17

UPDATE: 1/6/2017 – Sweet Indie has somehow blown her left rear knee, and needs TPLO surgery.  About  3 days before Xmas, Indie was visiting with one of her favorite volunteers, and decided she did not want to give back the toy he brought just for her! We were outside with her, and she started trotting around, and proceeded to gulp down the whole skin of a soft toy. The stuffing was already gone, but she totally swallowed “Mr. Octopus” down whole! We immediately went to the ER Vet, and had to have surgery, to remove the toy. It was just big enough that she would not have passed it. Huge thanks to Dr. Buckout, with Blue Pearl, for coming in at 10:00pm and taking such great care of this girl.. Indie is  recuperating well  from the events of that evening, and we are ready to schedule her next surgery. The overnight stay in the ER was $2000, and the cost of  TPLO surgery will be around $2300.  These things can drain the medical fund quickly, so if you can find a little something after the holidays, to donate towards Indie’s medical expenses, that would be a huge help! Thank you for your support!

UPDATE: 3/9/16 – Indie had her dental, and it was not as bad as we thought.  She did lose two teeth, but all the others are now polished and clean!  The X-rays show she has Spondylosis (arthritis) in  her lower back, unfortunately. She still gets around fine, jumps up on the doggie table, so we don’t feel she is in pain right now, but things will change.  We feel a nice, quiet home would be best for Indie, with short neighborhood walks. She is very timid when meeting new people, and needs someone to help socialize her more. If you are interested, please email us your application.

Indie is a very sweet 8-9 year old Golden mix.  She is very timid in new situations, and when meeting new people.  Indie was teased through a fence by neighborhood kids, so she learned to be reactive behind the fence. She is a sensitive girl, who needs to gain some self confidence.  She enjoys being with other dogs, as long as they are not dominant, or too rough.  If she were in a home with a calm, confident pooch, she would do great.  Indie needs a home where she is part of the family – inside. She would benefit from someone  who  will get her out for regular walks, and help socialize  her more. She is a cuddler – and craves human attention.  Indie needs a good dental, and she will probably lose a couple of teeth.  She seems to have a tender spot on one of her rear haunches, so we are going to have Xrays done as well.

She had crystals in her urine when she came in, and will need to be kept on a good quality food. The estimate for dental and bloodwork, as well as Xrays is between $800 – $900, depending on how things look once they start the dental. If you can send a donation to help with the cost of Indie’s medical bill, we would be most appreciative. This girl will make a wonderful friend and companion, and whoever works with her, will enjoy watching her blossom!