Bocce is a beautiful 2 year old Gordon Setter mix. It seems he is mostly a Gordon, but we feel there is a little something else in him. Bocce was raised with another dog – a sweet, goofy dog, who was very passive. He never cared if Bocce had the toy or a treat, so unfortunately he did not teach Bocce any doggie etiquette. Bocce’s owners worked long hours, so Bocce and his pal spent most of his first year in doggie day care…… he was very well socialized, but still did not really learn how to “share” with other dogs. Unfortunately, because Bocce did not have a clear teacher – be it human, or dog – he became food/toy possessive around other dogs. His owners did little to set rules and boundaries….then, when they realized there was a problem, Bocce had to go.
Bocce is a beautiful boy – pictures do not do him justice! He was a house dog and has good manners in the home. He is very smart, and eager to learn – he will eat up anything you want to teach him. He loves to play and can be quite the class clown. He is very agile, and would do well with someone who will keep him active. Bocce enjoys being with other dogs – there just cannot be any toys or treats involved. This is a training issue, and whoever puts some time and effort into this boy will have a great dog! With regular exercise, as well as rules and boundaries, you will enjoy watching Bocce blossom into a well balanced dog. If adopted locally, Steve is happy to throw in a couple of training sessions in your home, to help get Bocce off to a good start! Please email Deb or Steve at if you think you may be interested.